Center Team

Leadership Team

The Center Board of Directors includes: Rev. Don Norris, Chairman; Mrs. Donna Harrison, Treasurer; Jo Ann Bridges, Secretary; Ms. Carolyn Porterfield; Dr. Presnall H. Wood; Dr. James E. “Jim” Burgin; and Dr. Mike Williams.

Our Center Leadership Team includes: Dr. Larry C. Ashlock, President and Founder; Dr. Karen Bullock, Executive Vice-President; Mr. William “Bill” O’Dell, Vice-President of Global Projects, Dr. E. David Cook, and Rev. James C. “Jakie” Shirley.

Our Ministry and E-Learning Coordinator is Mrs. Amanda Crane.

Our Publications Coordinator is Mrs. Bethany Bullion.

Advisory Council includes: Chair, Dr. Mike Williams, Vice-Chair, Mrs. Leticia Reyes, Sam and Kay Walls, Rev. Ron Vandyke, Johanna Fisher, Rev. Mark Simpson, Stephen and Amanda Crane, Mike and Sharon Knox, Dr. Tony Celelli, Homer McGinnis, Dr. C. Gene Wilkes, Dr. Norma Hedin, and Jill and David Britt.

Friends of the Center

B. H. Carroll Theological Institute

South Texas School of Christan Studies

The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary 

Mission Arlington 

Warren Dentistry